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Betsy Lavolette

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I’ve been thinking a bit lately about what mask(s) to bring to protect myself against the air pollution in Beijing. A friend who spent some time in Singapore recommended disposable masks, but I am afraid that the pollution in Beijing may require something more. In my searching, I found a blog post that is quite informative¬†and that addresses the pros and cons of disposable masks and reusable fabric ones.

One concern that I have that isn’t really addressed in the blog post is how to remain comfortable in the heat while wearing a face mask. It looks like the photos in the post were taken during the winter, but we’ll be traveling in June. I can just imagine how hot and sweaty the masks get. But at least you don’t need as much sunscreen, right?

I’m looking at this mask for myself. What do you think?

Update, 5/9/2017:

I ended up buying these disposable masks.

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